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Regarding your post from the 13th: Knowing my wife as I do, I know that her look was prompted less by any concern about my personal safety than about other things, like the sheer impulsiveness of the whole thing. Which to me is part of its appeal.

Generally: In my view, one of the unfortunate things about this form of communication is that it can happen that statements are completely misread. Maybe I'm not that good at communicating in this format, but in the past, I've had to explain and cover (duck and cover?) things to my friends, colleagues and clients that I've written that they've misunderstood. For example, sarcasm can be and often is wildly misconstrued. Luckily, with those people, I can also call them or see them and communicate that way. Things get worked out if needed. Use of this medium without those fall-backs for communication suggests to me the need for a greater than normal attention to what's written and communicated and a greater sense of decorum. Your posts in particular, Larry, are good evidence of someone with that sensitivity. Other people obviously believe the opposite. The anonimity we all really have here unfortunately gives those people reason to think that they can be as crass and idiotic as they want or "need" to be (your email story would suggest such a person). Communicating that way, is just sick. I choose to assume that everyone that has mentioned heading out to Georgia shares your view and Alon's view of how to interact. This thing could really be fun. All of us share at least one thing in common, after all and it would be kind of cool to check out the probable diversity of people who care enough about MBs to hang out on this forum. I would hope that those "other" sorts would spend their time somewhere else (insert your own vision of hell weekend here...).

There may be things to disagree over, bones to pick and the like, but they shouldn't be more than anything that can't be chewed on over a beer or two.

As Swinford is fond of writing...Happy Trails Beep Beep...

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