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I would love to attent as well!

However, I do not think the responsibilities of school and work will afford me the time. A trip closer may have worked but hey, thats the way things are for me at the moment.

Visiting this board at least once a day says a lot about the value of this site, as I don't visit any other daily.

I know that I would indeed enjoy meeting the people that contribute, and putting a face to the individualistic style of writing that everyone displays would be fun to! I can definetly see many beers being downed already.

David, (dtanesq) brings out a important point that often the written message does not always come out the way it may have been intended. I for one use a lot of sarcasm and humor when talking to others verbally, but when writing much of the meaning is lost. Some of us are just truly abrasive individuals and that can't be changed, it's just a shame that anyone should attack anyone here, we are better than that.

Larry, I think that is really strange that anyone would take the time and energy to attack you as you provide so much insight and help to this board. Maybe if that person would have taken some time to read some of your other posts, they would have a deeper understanding of who you are and they wouldn't have made premature conclusions.

Sorry about going off topic, bad habit of mine.

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