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Gonna tackle the car this weekend. Please know I am by no means mechanically inclined, but I love these old cars and want to keep this big beast running, so hopefully that counts for something~!

Here are my symptoms:

She will begin to skip, sputter, hiccup, etc. Especially when going up hills. Fuel economy plummets. Sounds as if maybe a cylinder isn't firing...hesitation as well. I suspect something in the fuel delivery/injection sysytem. Previous owner thought was ignition related and replaced plugs, wires, distributor, cap etc but couldn't solve.

I plan to:
1. Replace fuel filter.
2. Clean Trigger points with LPS electronics cleaner.
3. Replace fuel injector lower seals.
4. Run some fuel injection cleaner in the tank.

If this doesn't help, I will:

1. Look at replacing with Pertronix ignition (although the ignition module was just replaced -newly rebuilt.
2. Look to replace the fuel injectors themselves.
3. Any other ideas?

I have a couple of specific questions:

My car is a '75 non-calif 450 SEL. Knowing that, can anybody tell me which type of fuel filter and lower injector seals I should buy. On the fastlane parts site, they have many different options.

Anything else I should be thinking of to solve this problem?

Thanks very much!
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