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The guy never assaulted me like he did you, however he was rather fresh to me once. I am a passive person, (perhaps a bad thing) and ignored him. I know he was a liar (the B/S about the E55 and the 620 hp Brabus CL) however I never thought he would do sucha hideous thing as send you such terrible mail. I now have no respect for this man. I value your input and friendship on this forum and would be disrespecting you if I continued contact with him. I though he was different, his disgusting actions repel me. I would not be surprised if he is a 16 year old punk. Larry perhaps you should contact your internet provider to have his E-Mail blocked form you so he cannot harass you. I'd do it. I don't know if he voluntarily quit the forum, because I think he should have been booted off.

Rest assured that 99% of the people on this forum, are great people, and its a pleasure to talk to you everyday.
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