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Patsy, The Price Slasher!

Damn, Patsy, can I email you for a quote the next time I need some parts? I can use all the help I can get.

I actually didn't know the following when I posted my last reply:

1. That the "a" was for "aftermarket"

2. That there was a radical difference in price for the two brackets. Mein quote from der PartsShop was $69. I don't doubt that the W116 is $45 as Patsy says. I ASS-U-ME-D that they were the same.

3.About the Benz Bin, or Megaparts, I have added them to my bookmarks, and anyone who hasn't done so already, should too...

Incidentally, Megaparts shows the air cleaner mount for the W126 at: $21.16. But, at The Benz Bin, I could not get their website to show a price or even acknowledge the part number. Patsy, what did I do wrong?

I am ashamed of myself. I did not do all of my homework, and I will now go and put on my sackcloth and sprinkle the appropriate ashes (or soot for diesel...). I apologize and promise to get it right next time.

But, Patsy, you mention the "Round rubber air cleaner mounts with the stud are around $1.50 each, and I believe there are 3. The part number is: 617 988 01 11."

Yes, there are three! But, is the part number the same for the W116 AND the W126? And, where are they "around $1.50 each"?

Those who are ethically troubled by this should please see the disclaimer in my prevoius post...
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