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You have ignition points, too -- this is a breaker point transistorized ignition, with the points acting a a logic switch, main coil current is handled by the switching unit.

The problem is that when the dizzy gets worn, you get too much oil vapor in there and the ignition points get dirty, causing problems with spark. Pry off the white plastic cover and run a bit of clean paper between the points. If it tears, they are shot, replace. If it slides, but comes out filthy, you will have to clean them periodically until you either re-bush the dizzy or replace them with a Pertronix or Crane system.

I have no evidence that Crane is better than Pertronix, take a look at both and see what you think. Pertronix is easier to install, I think.

Other things to check are the vac line to the MAP (on the firewall) and the MAP itself -- must hold vac. The line is a problem, it's a metric size and you must get the next SMALLER SAE size hose to replace it, or you have a big vac leak (and rich running).

If the mixture doesn't change when you adjust the MAP, it's dead and must be replaced ($$$).

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