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Originally posted by GoWolfpack
talked again to my mechanic--he said my fuel injectors were leaking. I said I wanted to replace the lower seal and he admonished me not to--said could have "big problems".

Sheesh-starting to appreciate more my 300SD. no spark plugs, no distributor, no trigger points, and yeah--no power!
Replacing the lower injector seals can do NO harm, and if anything, would do good.
Unless your mechanic pulled ALL 8 INJECTORS (with them still on the fuel rails) and tested them for leaks by EXAMINING the tips on EACH ONE with the system FULLY pressurized, he cannot honestly tell you any injector is leaking.

I don't have one single leaky injector.
Pull all 8 off the rails and soak them overnight in carb cleaner or similar. You can do what I did if you don't mind - I put my vac pump on the ends of the hose (with an adapter included) and pumped to 25" of vac, then put the nozzle in rubbing alcohol and opened it (be careful of sparks near the alcohol, a remote switch is more ideal). I let 1" of alcohol flow into the long clear tube, then I took it off, put the injector on a towel (tip-side down) and pulsed it a few times. I then leak-tested them with the vac pump.

And I just notice that he suggested a new ignition module. If the car runs, it's good. I don't think there's an "In-between" with these, they either work or they don't work. And since it was "replaced recently" there is NO need to do anything with it. I think most of us here are still on our original unit! (Note: I'm not - I'm on an original unit from another car, a '71!)
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