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Images of your car pictures have to be located somewhere that the internet/world wide web (www) can find them whenever someone wants to look at them. This means that the pictures will have to be copied to a computer/server that is always on and always connected to the web with an "address" that is known (or can be found) by all the other computers in the world that hook up to the WWW .

When you signed up with your service provider (ISP), they probably gave you a free, small space on THEIR computer/server to store pictures, home pages, or other documents that you want the world to see. You will need one of the File Transfer Protocal (FTP) programs to copy your scanned pictures from your computer to the ISP computer/server. Some ISPs will let you transfer files to their server without this FTP program, but most require an FTP "Middleman".

Once it is there, you can "post pictures" here. You aren't really putting the picture here on MercedesShop, just a link/command that says "when I want my signature or picture to be seen in one of my posts at MercedesShop, grab a copy of the picture from my ISP and temporarily reproduce it on the screen of whomever is looking at my post".

Hope this helps.

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