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Well since my car is out of commission right now and I had already had the blower motor assembly, I decided to replace it since I had alittle bit of time. It was a fairly simple job. The two hardest parts were removing the wiper assembly due to the plastic wiper motor cover giving little clearance to remove, also on the motor assy. I got the fans were alittle bit wider so they were hard to align in the already small area they fit in, I had to adjust the thing over and over until it would stop rubbing inside the housing. Anyhow what I am trying to get at is this is a fairly simple jobs if you have instructions on doing it (If you can change oil, then you can do this). The thing I dont understand is, how can the MB dealer tell me it is 5+ hours labor to do this job when they are experts on this car, when I know very little about MB's and I finished the job in under 2 hours? It just makes no sense. Total cost of this project, 237$ for blower motor and shipping costs and about 2hrs of my time.
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