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I also like Interstate. I put one in my '80 300SD about four years ago and it still cranks over like it did when the battery was brand new. Mercedes batteries are kind of odd in their life spans. I've seen the occasional car come in with one of those old MB batteries from the early '90s with the round yellow resirvoir lids on it and it still cranks perfectly. Then again, I've seen plenty of 1 and 2 year old batteries bite the dust. We usually have to replace them when we go on a road call for MB Roadside. Varta made the batteries for MB for a period, then they commissioned some American company to do it (Exide, I think) and currently I believe that Hoppecke makes them (German). Basically, as everyone else has said here, if you want the MB logo, then buy the $125 battery and take a chance. If you don't care, then I would strongly recommend Interstate, especially in a diesel. Some care are crazy though, and you have to get a "special" battery type for it, such as my DeLorean. I can only use a certain Delco model. Ugh!

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