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Well, now I have figured out why my car wont start and I would like to kick myself right about now. The engine is flooded. After pulling a few spark plugs and finding all of them wet I decided to take a look into the intake. Well I saw a puddle (yes a puddle) of gasoline just sitting there. I dried off 5 of the 6 spark plugs, pulled the fuel pump relay and tried to start it to clear the intake of any gas, well this didnt work as there was still gas under the throttle plate. So I just put something in the air plate to keep it open and now I am just waiting for all the gas to evaporate (hopefully soon) and I guess its time to replace the injectors (considering I can get them for a pretty decent price). I just pray that it isnt the cold start valve as that is pricey. Also the belt tensioner tightens up the belt when the engine is trying to be started, I dont know if this is normal but I guess it works. Thanks for all your help on this subject and I very much appreciate it.
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