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Finally got to my dome light problem. Here are my results:
I attempted to pull the module from it's housing, as suggested, but was unable to figure this out as it sat under the dash. After I removed it from the car, I saw the small tabs which retain it in the housing. This is what I would do next time, as Deezelguy suggests.
I ended up removing the 10mm nut from the bracket holding both the cruise control relay and the warning module relay, unplugging the wires and then taking the warning relay apart on the bench. More on this nut later.
Upon inspection of the warning relay, I found some reddish brown crud on the PC board itelf. I wiped it off with a clean rag, and then check the continuity from pin to pin, where it should be according to the schematic diagram on the CD Rom. I found one place where I had no continuity. The problem was one of the solder tracks, (not proper term, I am sure), on the PC board was missing a 1/16 inch. This was from where the pin connects to the board and the first diode.
I had not purchased a new relay, so I soldered a small, (1/4 inch long), jumper on the board. Tough job, but it worked. I would not attempt to solder the board itself, unless you are an expert at this. Too easy to mess the whole board up.
Installing the relay into the case, left me with only mounting the relays back into the dash. I found that what I thought was a stud threaded into the casting around the master cylinder rod. Actually, it is a bolt, captured in the casting. I discovered this when the bolt pushed through, fell into the casting as I attempted to mount the bracket.
My solution to this was to stuff a rag in the casting, around the master cylinder rod and boot, stopping the bolt from pushing through the casting. MBenz engineering provided a hex shaped hole to trap the bolt from turning in the casting, (dunke shein!). So this was sufficient to do the job. Mounted the bracket, connected the wiring harness and now I have light!
Not too bad, but it is one of those jobs where you wish you had really tiny strong fingers, and no shoulders to allow you to crawl around under the dash.
Any questions, shoot me an e mail.
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