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Well, Behr has updated the regulator sold for the 140 chassis and when one recieves one it is noted to fit 140 and 210 cars and does just fine once the removable harness on the modified part is altered. The new Behr regulator is twice the size and much more suited to disapate heat which does in the original.

Its a cheap alternative that is an improvement over original without the big bucks of the nice conversion MB made that requires a new blower and regulator.

The part you need is available here on fastlane. Go to 140 chassis blower regulator and there will be two options: a cheaper one that is pictured and will look just like your 210 car except for the harness. The second option is the higher priced Behr one and no picture. If you order it the packaging describes it as fitting 140/210 chassis and the much nicer unit has a removable harness. It comes with a removable harness for the 140 use so one must use the included harness and the wiring off the old regulator. We solder the wires and heat shrink them makes a pretty installation and an improved system.
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