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I've never had any luck with gloves. I just got used to having my hands beat up all the time. My wife will ask "what happened to your hand?" I almost always have to answer "I don't know".

I have a neighbor that can do more delicate work with gloves on than anyone I've ever seen. I'll bet he could overhaul a watch with them on. I've seen him pick up a 1/4" nut and thread it with just plain old work gloves on.

I don't think I could thread a 3/4" nut with a pair of surgeons gloves on.

There is one tip I can offer. Don't push on a wrench or ratchet with your hand wrapped completely around it. Try to get in position to pull. If you can't pull and must push, try to use the palm of your hand. If you push with wrapped hand and it slips, it's knuckle trash time.

Good luck,
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