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Unfortunately I cannot help you with your problem, but I have a question about a 91 Camry. If you could be so kind to maybe help me.

The warning light on the dash for the lights. This light comes on as soon as you push on the brake pedal and will not go out. If you turn the lights on the light does not come on. Its only when you push on the brake pedal even if you are just sitting there and not have shifted into gear yet. All bulbs are good. I replaced the brake light switch behind the brake pedal, didn't help. I also found a tail light relay which is located by the fuses up front, inside, on the driver side. There are two relays one is for the tail lights and the other one is for the heated rear window defroster. They are both marked (ser. #) the same I tried swapping them and the rear heater worked OK shutting off after a period of time. Is there a sensor or another relay? Any help would be appreciated.


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