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I recently replaced my oil psi sending unit on my '92 400E. Seemed to work great. Now, I have a strange problem.

When I turn the key to "on" position, the guage immediately jumps to "3". When the car is a running temp and I am at idle or slowing down to idle, the guage measures oil psi properly. As soon as I come to a complete stop with brake applied, the guage jumps to "3". Upon release of brake and slight excelleration, the guage drops sightly and begins to read psi.

If I am at idle and the car is in "P", the guage works fine.

Is there a voltage problem or short somewhere?

I installed an OEM sending unit (FYI)...wiring at the unit was quite simple. I can't imagine that I screwed that up.

Comments and advice is appreciated
'87 300E
'92 400E
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