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I finally got around to looking into the problem a little.

I pulled off the air cleaner and searched thoroughly for something that may have gotten pulled loose or something during the head R&R. Everything just looks great.

I got my daughter to get in and press the accelerator to the floor. The cable was not adjusted properly and was probably giving me only about 80% of full throttle. I adjusted it so that with the pedal floored it was just hitting WOT and actuating the switch.

The car now went from 0-60 in nine seconds flat, down from ten. The car does not really feel much better. There is something that isn't exactly right.

There are no codes set. It has fresh air and fuel filters. The engine mechanical condition is excellent. Compression is as new. Fuel mileage is pretty good.

I really want to drive my C to Georgia, but I'm thinking of bringing the 300E and get to Donnie to take a look. I hate to think of leaving it down on power 'til June though.

Everyone have a great day,

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