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Consider it done - all the info on the Sportline is under the tab "cars" at the top of the page! Look under the Sportline article; that is my car in the middle of the page, with before and after photos, work in progress pics, driving impressions, comments from the tech who did the work at Camino Capistrano Imports. The only changes are that by the time the car had been run on the new suspension bits for 6 months, it "settled in" about another 1/4 - 1/2". All told the car is 3/4 to 1" lower than stock - a very subtle effect. People tell me it looks different, but they don't know why. Handling improvements are truly amazing, with very little loss of ride quality. I still feel it is more comfortable on freeways now than before.

Cost for all the parts is specific to each car VIN#, about $1400 if I recall (and well worth every penny!!!) I think the labor was something over 8 or 9 hours. Very straightforward installation, actually much of it was replacing things like bushings and shocks that fatigue over time anyway.

I won't be up north until summer, but if your come to SoCal, You can drive mine and get a feel for how it transformed the car, maybe we can meet up with Mike Tangas and some other SoCal forum members for dinner!



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