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While on a trip this weekend all seemed fine until I pulled away from a toll booth with the window down. Whoa, there was a very piercing noise from the engine that changed with the engine rpms.

My wife would describe the sound as draging a stick against a picket fence at a high rate of speed. It sounds to me it's a bit like a belt squealing. At idle there is no noticible problem, but as the engine speed picks up so does the noise it changes pitch with the engine speed. I spent some time in the dark with a flashlight trying to see what was up. Looks like the fan isn't hitting anything and there is no obvious problem with the belt.

Last work I did was to change three of six glow plugs, change oil and check fluid levels.

BTW, the engine shut-off (diesel) is taking longer than it used to since I worked on the plugs.

Thanks for any opinions that you may have.
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