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Ok, 1995 C280 and the check engine light comes on. First the #4 cyl misfires so the plugs are replaced as well as the wires leading to them also had the coils looked at and seem ok according to dealer (latest and greated version). Light comes on again few weeks later on for the #1 cyl. Certified MB dealer cannot figure what is wrong and why I keep getting these misfires every couple weeks. The light seems to go on shortly after the car is started (COLD) and driven several miles. The light comes on, the cyl. shuts down apparently the car rumbles. Shut down, restart, and everything is fine, except the damn Check Engine light is now on which means another trip to the dealer. This is the 4th time..Does anyone have any ideas what to look for? What else can it be? The dealer is stumped as they have tried everything..anyone have any idea at all? PLEASE! I cant stand making an appt every other week to have the light switched off and something must be wrong! AHHHAH!!!
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