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The Code noted on my invoice is as follows...
110,000 miles...
Found DM Code PO304...Replaced all plugs (it was time to replace) and replaced #4 Spark Plug resistor end

They did replace the #1 spark plug resistor end after this happend again to the #1. Good idea about the fuel filter/pump. I will at least ask the question next time.

The weird thing is after I bring the car home it usually happens the next day after the car is cold. I drive 6 miles or so, the car is usually already moving 2 or 3rd gear, i feel a slight hesitation, and know the light is about to come on, and boom it does. The car starts to rumble, I pull over restart and it goes just fine. It does this every once in a while after that (the light is on until I go to the dealer and have them reset)

I think they checked the wiring harness too. O2 sensor replace couple times under warranty and that usually does not affect ride in any way...I think you are spot on with the fuel delivery issue. Any suggestion on what to try first, maybe what is cheapest. I know if I suggest pump and filter I will probably get both and pay for both. I am not too fond of the "lets replace everything, I pay for it, and see if it works ok" option...THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
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