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Exactly! When new, my Acura Legend Coupe (second and last Honda product) was listed as one of the "10 best cars in the world". It started requiring work almost minute it was out of warranty. In the last 2 years, comparing repair records with my 300E for the times the 2 cars have needed comparible parts or services, the MB prices averaged less in cost, lasted longer, and had a lower fail rate for the parts that were replaced (zero failures on the MB, 3 different genuine Honda parts failed within 6 months of installation on the Acura).

When new, the Acura was 70% of the cost of the 300E. Now, a used Acura of comparible miles, equipment, and condition is 40% of the value of the used 300E. Price reflects where you want the value - up front for a short term vehicle, or down the road in terms of saved repair costs and higher trade in or insurance value. It is a personal choice with no "right" answer.

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