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Steve, here is a cut from another thread..
""4. Remember to check the length of the head bolts prior to reassembly, as they can be stretched beyond specification. The head bolts are torqued in three stages, the last two being angle tightening thru 90 degrees. I would replace them. Not very expensive insurance.
5. Have the cam checked for lobe wear and end play while the head is apart.""
Angle tightening is done with fasteners that are designed to stretch as they are tightened. If memory serves me correctly, on the M103 motor, the head bolts are initially torqued to 55 ft/lbs, the angle tightened thru 90 degrees two more times. The basic concept here is that angle tightening is more accurate than absolute torque numbers because in torqueing by the numbers, it requires a lot more effort to get a fastener moving than to keep it moving (so to speak)
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