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I've used it several times now. When I'm not at my day job, I'm detailing cars for a select group of clients (approximately 25 and counting), so I've had the chance to use a LOT of products over the years, including Klasse, P21S, 3M, Poorboy's, etc.

NXT is a good product. Not sure that it can live up to some of the hype that's out there, but for a consumer product under $15, it's an excellent choice. The key to maximizing NXT's potential (or any last step product, for that matter) is the preparation you do BEFORE you lay it down.

That being said, if you apply NXT on to a car that really requires some additional prep, you may not be all that impressed with the results. But if you do the correct prep work, the results I've achieved are quite impressive. It's an easy-on, easy-off type product that really does leave a deep finish.

The best results I've had with NXT (so far) have been layering NXT on top of Meguiar's Hand Polish on non-metallic dark colors. My wife has a black Suburban that's non-metallic, and it really deepened the color.

As I said, it's a great off-the-shelf product for the price. Just don't expect miracles......and always remember to do your prep work!

my .02

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