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My Dog is a Golden

and my car is that lovely cream color with parchment Tex interior. We call her "designer dog" since she was bred as a show dog, but was too flawed to make it (and we rescued her from the insensitive idiots who owned her for show purposes). She loves slobbering all over the backseat of my car, looks good doing it and hates climbing into the Honda. The Black Lab (my wife's dog) loves the Honda, but that's probably because my wife is always in it with him (one of the reasons I can stand being in there!!!). Both dogs will stoop to being tied up in the bed of the Toyota truck, but only because that usually means going to someplace they like; the grocery store (I can't figure that one out), or a lake or river for retrieving and swimming.

There's no question dogs are smarter than we are. They've figured out how to be able to lay around the house all day, have their food brought to them and have humans throw toys incessantly for them. In addition, they can drop a load anywhere and some human will rush to clean it up. We pet them, bathe them and brush them. All they have to do is act nice once in awhile, leave the meat on the dinner table until it is actually given to them and remember to pee outside.

Enough - this is way off-topic!

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