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Thank you that I read your post it makes very good sense it is the valves and not the chain. Like you said when the oil gets hot it doesnt hold enough pressure and I get that sound. The sound comes when I get to about 100 degrees and the oil pressure is at about 0.5 I hear that slapping sound. If the temperature doesnt get to near 100 degrees everything sounds fine.
Everyone I talk to says its normal for the temperature to reach 100 at idle and up hills. On straight roads with no traffic the temperature will stay at around 82 degrees and the noise will not be there.
When the noise does come it is pretty loud, you can hear it from quite aways.
when my tempeartre reaches 100 it will go down again to 90 once i start driving and if i drive long enough it will drop to 82.
i am using mobil 1 15W50 right now and when i wa susing 5W40 it wasnt making that sound. do you think my old oil was holding better pressure at high temps that is why i wasnt getting the sound?
so if it only happen at 100 degrees do i still have to worry about it or can i live with it??
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