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Looks great!

But I think you're going to need more space for parts, and some space for someone to package stuff. Another office would be good too (two for the house, and one for administration of parts sales for other makes) And also space for a display case of MB Autowerks paraphanalia (hats shirts, whathaveyou) I have learned that when planning a business, that, whatever you think will be enough room, is usually not enough, and you will wish that you would have made it 30% larger. Looking at the plans, you really have no place to go, so I suppose a second floor would be in order...overlooking the service area with huge windows, soft music, highspeed internet connections, and some pretzels and german beer. (ok I'll settle for doughnuts and coffee )

PS: Where is the big tent going to go with the ooompah band and the kegs? (just for the grand opening, not all of the time, although I imagine it would enhance customer volume)
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