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Wanted to post this for the archives.

Symptom: Brake fluid leaking from bell housing.

Cause: Slave cylinder leaking from front seal. Fluid running down inside of bell housing and leaking through drain hole.

Fix: Replace slave cylinder.

Lesson: If the slave cylinder is leaking the master is not far behind. Change BOTH cylinders at the same time.

Parts: About $60 for both.
001-295-44-06 Clutch Master Cylinder
001-295-68-07 Clutch Slave Cylinder up to 219674
201-290-03-11 Clutch Slave Cylinder from 219675
Pint of DOT4 brake fluid

Labor: About 3 hours. Pay close attention to instructions on adjusting the master cylinder rod length. May need an assistant during adjustment.

Tools: 12mm & 14mm open end, 10mm & 15mm sockets, pressure bleeder or see Haynes manual for funky procedure using the master cylinder and right front wheel.

Comments: Too bad they don't make a rebuild kit for these. Looks like the rubber just got old. Maybe the bore is worn so can't rebuild??

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