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i did do a search before posting this seemingly endless topic, but didnt find my answer. i am in the middle of an entire rebuild of my 77 240d engine. i have installed the new chain with no problems but am befuddled as to crimping it into place. my chain kit included: chain, conecting link, silver rear cap, and a black metal cap just like the silver one only the link holes in it are slightly smaller therefore not allowing it to be slipped on the link easily. my question: is this black metal cap to be snapped atop the silver one once it is on the conecting link in order to hold it in place? (at times like these i really wish i had illustration capabilities....) or, am i to disreguard the black link cap, and mearly use the silver one (which slipps on very easily) and smash the conecting link splines over the silver cap? if this method is to be used, can i crimp the splines without the use of a crimping tool? how is this done? thanks guys
william gum
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