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Hello everyone,

First of all I'll apologize because this is a bit off topic.
I applied for a job as a sales executive for Mercedes last month, and I've just had a letter saying I've got an interview. This is really great news for me, I'm only 19, so I didn't think I had a chance, but it's looks like it might be quite promising!
Also, our local dealer has a Brilliant Silver 1998 E55 for sale, and I've managed to talk my dad into taking it for a test drive, hopefully I can also talk him into trading it for his W140 500.

Sorry to post this, but I've been wanting to tell somebody, but nobody I know is as interested in Mercedes as us.

A bit of interesting news about Mercedes in the UK aswell: They are closing some 200 of their 300 main dealers in the UK. I have heard that they have only given 6 months notice to a lot of the sales staff, instead of the contraced two years, so some dealers are planning to sue Mercedes for $$$$$$$$$$!!! I'm not sure how true this is, but my source if quite reliable.

Thanks guys, wish me luck!!!
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