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Timing chain question

To William Gumm,

There are dozens of posts in the archives on OM617 timing chain replacement, give them a look. The silver rear cap is the temporary one meant to hang on while the new chain is dragged around the engine while attached to the old chain. The black cover plate is the permanent one that must be crimped on with the proper crimping tool. I would not mash the rivets and expect to run the car another 200 k miles without problems. The tool is very specific and is referenced in the MB manual, all the way to the detail of how much torque you apply to the pin (actually a stout bolt) to apply crimping pressure. I used the factory tool on mine and it came out looking like the rest of the chain.

Point being, the tool is required for crimp on chains. I've heard of replacement chains being sold for these cars that have slip on "master links" that work well also, but you don't have that type of chain. Check with any of the usual on-line merchants and I'm sure one of them (or all) have the tool available for rental. If time is short, check your local indie or dealer and try to beg them to let you use their tool for an afternoon.

Good luck, it's really not too difficult once you get the crimping tool.

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