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Since this is my first post I want to thank the incredibly knowledgeable people who take the time to answer the questions in such detail.
Now my question. The heater fan (both slow and fast speeds) stopped working on my daughter's 300CE (106K miles). All fuses are good. I removed the switch panel from the center console and disconnected the (12-pin ?) connector on the right, but without a wiring diagram I didn't know which terminals to test for the switch operation. Other than the switch and the fuse, is there a fan relay that I should check as well? I suspect the switch panel myself, but I'd like to make sure before I spend $300 on a new switch.
Also on a separate subject, are these cars hard to start by nature? This car seldom starts on the first try, hot or cold. It starts on the second try. I replaced the spark plugs, which made no difference at all. It runs perfectly once started. I've had the car only 9 months and don't know about the condition of the fuel filter etc.

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