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300E Cold starting problems... (-88)


I have a -88 300E which is sometimes hard to start when the engine is cold and the outside temperature is approx zero Celcius (ca 32 F i guess). I have to crank it for ten-20 seconds and puch the accelerator until it starts and then the rmp is very low and the engine takes a couple of seconds to reach correct idle rpm... It runs smoothly as soon it has found the correct idle rmp...

When it is colder outside (approx -10 C or colder) it is easier to start it (strange).

I have checked the cold start valve and it works, the temperature sensor for the CIS-injection also seem to work (the resistance is approx the same as the "Haynes" guide tells), the idle speed actuator works, the EHA seems to work to... The spark distibutor and distributor cap and the spark plugs are new ones (changed this winter)... WHAT could possibly be wrong??
I will try to increase the CO-screw to enrich the mixture since the lambda sensor will force the engine to lean the mixture as soon as the engine is running anyway - right? Is this an good idea? Please help me...

I'm getting sick of not finding what is wrong!!!

Can it possibly be the OVP-relay. I've read on som www-page that this could cause cold start problems....

/Ola, Sweden.

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