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Larry, start shopping for a big'un just in case...

With the budget as late as it did, it's looking more and more like the Indy trip will go unfunded, but one never knows and the money may come through. I have mixed feelings about it, cause I'd truely love to go, well, to both Indy and Atlanta and either way I'd have to miss out on one. But the read I got on it today, it's looking like Atlanta is in.

I'll keep wrenching on the 280, getting her ready for the long haul. Got her in to the alignment shop yesterday, the DIY Gods were smiling, because the alignment was only out a very slight amount, and no worn joints. Next stop, Franz' shop for the steering box reseal & adjustment then the front end will be completed.

The only BAD thing about the alignment shop - I left my 20 year, trusted companion sitting on their counter. I was heartbroke when I couldn't find my thermos this morning, a little detective work and I was waiting at the front door when they opened shop and they had my pal waiting .
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