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Originally posted by Tigger55b
I had the same problem (and I am still working it). However I did manage to rig a temporary fix that works well for now. I ran a wire from the battery to a push type switch which I installed under the dash and then to the cold start valve. When I engage the starter I just push the switch for a moment and I get instant start. When the Temp is over 60 (f) I don't need this. But it sure saved my butt in January. If I ever figure out why it doesent work on its own I will let you know.
*lol* Funny, I had that idea myself ;-)
Actually I was thinking about doing that, however, I never came to actually doing it, since my "test" of the cold start valve showed me that it was working.
On the other hand, there might be an idea doing such an arrangement, since the problem seems to come and go. Therefore one might think that the problen IS the cold start valve not being actuated due to bad connectrions somewhere....

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