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Originally posted by Sundman
The voltage changes depenging on engine temperature and the idle rmp seems constant... if I, however, remove the power from the engine (at cold temperature) it lowers the rpm and at warm engine temperature the rpm increases.... So it SEEMS to work fine, but you never know, right?? ;-) ... But you guys think that cleaning the idle contorl valve will fix this? That might be a good idea... I will try it. What kind of lubricant do you need to put in there after cleaning???
No, probably not the cause based on your tests. Could be an air leak, though. Sounds like the ECU is trying to reduce airflow when warm, so it might be coming through elsewhere. Probably unmetered, too, which would lean out the mixture - a real problem when cold.

Also, Q-ball's idea about the battery is worth investigating. If voltage drops too low while cranking, it could upset initial conditions set by the ECU.

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