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Originally posted by sbourg
No, probably not the cause based on your tests. Could be an air leak, though. Sounds like the ECU is trying to reduce airflow when warm, so it might be coming through elsewhere. Probably unmetered, too, which would lean out the mixture - a real problem when cold.

Also, Q-ball's idea about the battery is worth investigating. If voltage drops too low while cranking, it could upset initial conditions set by the ECU.

I have been searching for an air leak, but I haven't found any (using start gas), but this was never done properly - I will test it again.

The battery is a 88Ah battery (made for the diesel engine cars)and its only one year old so I think that it is almost over powered and ok (it sounds like the starter engine runs at high power), but I can of cource measure the voltage ot the battery while cranking... I've had that idea myself, but never tested it though - or actually I never really believed that that was the problem... but I will try.

Thanks guys! :-) :-) At least I have som ideas now :-)
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