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When I jack up my car, I jack it up with a floorjack. I have had a factory jack break before on another benz we had. Since then, the factory jack stays int he trunk where it belongs unless I geta flat on the road, in which case its still staying in the trunk as I don't have the lugs or lug wrench for the stock 15 hole spare. So I'd be calling AAA regardless.

I place the jack under the car jacking it up then I place the jack stand underneath, car is in park with Parking brake on, I lower the car onto the jack stand, jack up the other side and do the same if I want both sides up.

I then rock the car to see if it is stable if not, I redo it until I get it stable.

I also leave the floor jack extended with slight pressure on the side of the car I am under. if the jack stand on that side falls, the floor jack will still be there holding the car up on that side of the car. and when I think about it, even if the other one falls, I wouldn't be under that side and would probably not be hurt too badly considering I try to be as cautious as I can.

Sometimes I will grab the spare tire out of the trunk and place it under the other side just as an extra safety precaution., so if the car were to fall, hopefully that wheel will keep it high enough off of me to not get crushed.

I really want a pit in the garage floor that way I don't need a lift hehe. just climb into the pit and break out the light to see everything.

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