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Thanks for the replies. I have heard this politics issue before. Is the MBCA just full off well heeled snobs who didn't buy a car, but the "life style"? I knew that the 10% discount off dealer prices still couldn't beat what's available on the net. Where I live is basicly right in the middle of 2 MB dealerships. Unfortunately it's about 40 mins. one way to the one in south NJ and 30 mins. north to the one in Princeton, NJ. So the time and distance to these 2 would eat up any savings, unless I bought something "big"($$$$). I basicly joined for the "Star" magaizne, and their online store. I don't get wrapped up in politics, that's for egomaniacs. That is one of the things I like and was pleasantly surprised, about this forum. Everyone on this site comes from different backrounds, levels of income, education, and automotive experience. Yet nobody snubs anyone for having an old Benz that didn't cost very much to get. If it is this kind of "snobbery" that is seen at the MBCA events, then I'll just not attend. I didn't buy a Benz because of the star on the hood. I bought it because of what's underneath the star and the paint.
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