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6. With the manifold rinsed and drying, it's time to get at the glowplugs. Use needle nose pliers to remove the glowplug caps. Squeeze them gently on each side and pull out toward you. They wont give you any trouble. Easier than spark plug caps.

7. Using a deep socket and extensions, CAREFULLY unthread your glowplugs. DO NOT MUSCLE THEM OUT. THE BIGGEST AND MOST EXPENSIVE MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE IS BREAKING THEM OFF IN THE HEAD. You'll find they are torqued in there reasonably tightly, but they will give with a little effort. I was hesitant at first to apply any pressure for fear of breaking one. This was good. I tried a different one and it came out more easily. I then sprayed penetrating oil on the stiffer one, and worked on the rest. They all came out easily except for one. I gently attempted to tighten/loosen the plug back and forth a bit, and it came loose easily. Sorry I dont have a pic of the plugs but they are a no brainer, like spark plugs. Look at the new ones you have if you really dont know what you're looking for. Once they are unthreaded, pull them straight out. If they are stuck due to carbon deposits etc, DO NOT try to force them out. Spray penetrating lube down the holes and wait a few mins. THen gently twist and pull them and they should come loose. Again, do not force it and break them off in the head!

Here are my old (52k on them) glowplugs.
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