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8. Optional step - necessary if plugs were very carboned or stuck. I would recommend this step every time, but I wasn't able to due to not having the tool. I have it on order. - Get the appropriate glow plug REAMER tool from mb. RUn the reamer into the glowplug holes to break up carbon and make room for the glowplug. Doing this regularly in my view should help prevent the stuck glowplug/breaking off in the head problem.

9. Install the new glowplugs.You may also want to dab a little anti-seize on the threads. Thread them in and torque to 27NM. Install the glowplug caps, they will push on with an audible CLICK.

10. Remove old intake manifold gasket and clean head's surface. Remove all rags from the head.

11. Align and lay out new intake manifold gasket. Don't worry about it staying totally in place at this point.

12. Reinstall intake manifold onto intercooler tube, and be sure the egr assembly is 'plugged in' to the corrugated pipe. Install the clamp to hold them together, however just tighten enough to get the bolt threaded at this point. Be sure the egr is firmly seated on the intercooler pipe, and the manifold is seated flat on the head. Might take a little push to get it down flat.

13. Using a flashlight, look down the holes on the top of the intake manifold. If the gasket is lined up, install the bolts. If not, lift up very slightly on the manifold, and using a thin/long screwdriver, scoot the gasket until the holes line up. I suggest doing this at one and and then the other. Once you've done that, it's pretty well lined up. Be sure it's totally lined up with one more center bolt, and then reinstall all the manifold bolts. Thread them until they are all snug, not too tight. Then working from the center out, in a top bottom top bottom order, torque these bolts to 20NM, or 14 ft lbs.

14. Tighten the clamp on the corrugated pipe/EGR. Re-attach the two vacuum hoses.

15. Go underneath and reinstall the bolt thru the intercooler pipe to the egr assembly. This will require probably 2-3 extensions.

16. Double check your torque on all bolts.

17. Reinstall washer reservoir, hoses, plug, and nut. Double check everything to make sure you've got everything right, and cleaned up all tools from the engine compartment etc.

18. Reinstall valve cover cover. Tighten bolts to snug.

19. Close hood, start the car up. It should glow and start perfectly, possibly a slight stumble on the very first start. Your glowplug light should have gone out but check engine light will stay on. Look under the hood for any leaks, although there shouldn't be any if you installed the gasket correctly on the manifold. It's also probably a good idea to retorque or check the torque on the manifold bolts after coming back from your first drive.

20. Go to Autozone or equivalent and they will clear the code for free. The OBD port is covered by a little plastic door, down near your shin area, by the parking brake. Standard area and standard OBD plug, will work with all scanners, don't let them tell you any differently
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