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I don't know of any car that doesn't cost you lots money to fix at some point or another.

I have noticed one thing out of all the cars on the road, I see more Mercedes that are 20 years old than old japanese, american, or other makes (BMW, VW, Audi, etc.).

With that in mind, I am assuming that there is only one reliable car, a Mercedes.

Sure the japanese cars can last a long time, but they can get very expensive to repair once the warranty is up.

At least I know that with my benz and a good mechanic, the cost will not be that expensive.

Even if I were to have to get the head, valves, and timing chain done, it would still be very cheap compared to other repairs on other cars.

My jeep needed new fuel injectors installed, cost me over $900.

A W124 300E/E320 in my opinion is a great car. you really can't go wrong with them. I've seen people buy them with well over 150k miles on them, and the cars have lasted easily for another 100k or more.

Its all in how well you take care of the car, if you never change the fluids, never fix large problems until they finally give, don't expect the car to last.

If you take care of it, and service it well, it will service you well for many years to come.

Want an example of how well built a mercedes can be? My brother has a 1985 380SL. he bought it with 110k on it. It had been sitting for 3 years garaged. the paint was clean interior clean, and the car ran very solid. He has basically done nothing to the car at all except one set of tires. He has not changed the oil often, maybe 4 or 5 times max, and the car now has 160k on it, and still drives great. in fact when I changed the oil a few weeks ago, it was so black, I nearly slapped my brother for waiting so long.

but all in all he has spent maybe $600 total in the last 2 years on the car. Now that to me is an excellent value. two years, $600 what more could you want? 10 years $3000? That sounds good to me.

If I could get away with driving any car for 2 years and only spend $600, most of which was tires, the rest on oil, I'd be damn pleased and would definately buy another in an instant.

Its like I love to say. you can't go wrong with a benz.


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