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Originally posted by LightMan
Good deal soypwrd, welcome. Another bean burner I'm guessing =] My E300 has had b20 since may 01
That`ll be B100 for all our diesels. I`m anxious to see how the MB does on it and just what parts of the fuel system might need to be changed out.
Originally posted by LightMan
Removing the manifold is 10000 times easier than on a TDI! The tdi is way more involved and the bolts are impossible to reach etc, and you have to take off a lot of pipes. The E is just simply all the bolts on top(easy) and two from the bottom!
Yes, I do remember now that the manifold was a half day job on the TDI, a knuckle buster too. I kinda enjoyed it though. I`m interested in seeing just how long we can go before we have to perform that task again, now that these cars are drinking the good stuff. :p
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