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Our business is a "Bosch Authorized Service Center" BSC. Bosch maintains an organization of independent repair shops throughout the world. It is a very old arrangement in the rest of the world. We were among the first shops authorized in the US in 1986. There are currently about 500 BSCs in the US.

Unlike the BAP program "Bosch Authorized Parts" specialist, the BSCs are hand picked, under contract, and are almost always state-of-the-art shops. The BAP program, which allows Bosch's name to be used by anyone who buys $200 worth of product, has no real relationship. We get training, information, and some tooling support.

Aside from our service relationship with Bosch, we are an "Authorized" Becker Audio repair facility. We also repair Blaupunkt radios and VDO instruments (mostly speedometers).


As to what parts we rebuild, I have a BS degree in engineering and work on cars because I've loved it since I got my first "Motor" manual when I was 14. I rebuild anything that is cost efficient (realize that is why we work on radios, speedos, and other electronics). I tend to buy no one else's rebuilts. We work on speedos because we couldn't live with the comebacks we got from sources we were using. We fabricate and rebuild all forms of machinery. This is the essence of being a "mechanic".

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