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Leon Hernandez
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Hey folks: taking in my 94 C280 due to the 'engine' lamp is illuminated. Car ran fine went to Houston, got back in the car and the light came on and stayed on. It runs great, no obvious problems, but the lamp is nagging. So appointment with the Houston MB dealer, coming up, cost 192.00 per dash lamp for diagnostics. Question is this reasonable?
Why not take it to my Houston tech , because I'm thinking if it's the engine harness then the dealer will have the data to recommend the replacement.
If this logic is faulty I'm open to other views. I will call my Houston tech and share this with him. If he can replace the harness (should it be the culprit)and perform the diagnostics (@ less cost) then Chuck will be my choice for sure.
PS I did buy an extended warranty when the vehicle was purchased.
Look forward to all the replies, this should be interesting! LH
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