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I bought my 86 300e with 62,300 miles from ebay! Can you believe that? It was about 1 hour from my house. The bid was up on a friday, so on wednesday, my wife and I drove to see it, drive it and then had time to go over our finances. Come friday, I knew it was still available and that no one was going to snatch it out from under me without a fight. I was prepared to bid up to $10,000. I got it for $8,600. I must admit, I put another 4 grand into it since then replacing seals and things that aren't supposed to sit. Now I have 91k on the clock and couldn't be happier with the car. No one can believe it's 15 years old! I get an average of 23 mpg. What a pleasure to drive.
Kyle De Priest
2007 e320 Bluetec
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