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I've gotten kinda lost with this post. If it isn't clear, I'll give you my impression.

It is: that if you get an alternator from a MB dealer it will most likely be a Bosch rebuilt. Although almost all MBs use new Bosch alternators (there are other manufacturers; Motorola, Nippondenso, Valeo) when the car is built, only the first year or two are they available in the parts department.

Bosch alternators are rebuilt in many different locations. Many are in the US. They are likely to be the best rebuilt whether bought at the dealer or AZ. One confusing side of this is that Bosch is a manufacturer (what is called an OES original equiptment supplier)and a rebuilder. You can buy a "Bosch" alternator rebuilt by Bosch or you can buy a "Bosch" alternator rebuilt by Acme. You cane get a Nippondenso alternator rebuilt by Bosch also. They aren't proud they will even rebuild Delco alternators.

Bosch doesn't offer lifetime warrantees; they put their money into quality products not insurance.

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