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Additional pictures of this W124 convertible will be posted on my own web site (to be published before the end of the month I hope). I don't want to post a picture of the front yet, cause it has a VERY UGLY looking SEC bonnet that HAS to be changed for a W124 E-class bonnet (with head light lenses).
I will point out the complete configuration of the car as well (euro models are normally not as complete as the US models).
The car is for sale (over approx. 14 months) and will go to the US within 2 months; there is only one problem to keep me from selling it in the states and that is pointed out in the following thread:

I don't know anything about the US availability of the trunk filler, but in Europe you can order the complete conversion package ((euro)taillights and filler) for about $180,-; you can order it on-line and the supplier sends it all over the world...(if anyone is interested)...


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