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During the useful life of my 240D I ALWAYS felt absolutely confident when taking off on a 600 mile or greater round trip, which was at least once a week in those days. I've never owned a non Mercedes in which I could have such confidence. It was very important for me to be in Little Rock, or Fort Smith, or Lubbock or Houston, and the car faithully got me there with minor situations through the years.

About a year ago the engine laid down while I was on the way to the office. I don't do the regional travel any more, the only travel I do now is by air. If it weren't for the fact that I just enjoy driving the 124 and 203 cars so much more, I would put the 240D back on the road and keep it going forever. The way the company I work for is going down the tube, I may end up forced to do that before too long anyway.

The 124 car has let me down once, the head corroded through. Partially my own fault. It went back together beautifully and is now what I drive most. I have the same absolute confidence with it that I did with the 240D. If I were to regionally travel again, the 124 would get me to every meeting reliably.

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