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My guess is the clutch pack lip seals and/or the pack feed hole nylon shaft rings.

Pressure is fed through the shaft to the clutch pack. The drum is spinning on the shaft and the fluid passes in the area between the drum and the shaft sort of like a rod bearing. The pressure is held in by nylon rings someting like piston rings. These are fairly fragile in the 722.3 trans.

The lip seals in the pack inflate with pressure and hold that pressure against the clutches. If fluid is leaking from the shaft seals it arrives in the clutch at reduced pressure. If the seals are worn and or hard (cold)they don't inflate (seal). Using higher speed or shutting down the flow and restarting can catch an edge and cause the inflation.

OR, on the other hand you may have a valve body problem. The command valve may just be sticking. I would suggest a trans service with the addition of an additive designed to soften seals and remove varnish. Lubeguard is a good brand.

Another approach that has fixed at least a few VB problems is to loosen all the VB screws and retorque them. The point here is to stop internal leaks.

As Donnie noted the control pressure cable can be involved. I have seen cables stick and I have also seen the control valve pistons be the one that stuck.

And last but not least is the kickdown switch and solenoid. The switch sticks periodically, but this usually makes all shifts late.

Our approach to your problem would be to check the adjustment and free action of the control pressure cable. We would remove the wire from the kickdown solenoid to keep its activity out of question. We would proceed by removing the trans pan and remove the VB. We would then check the activation of the clutch pack with shop air pressure. Having done this a hundred times (or more), we would have a definite idea whether the leaks are internal. If the pack inflates we would then examine/replace the VB gasket, install and retorque the VB, and refill anding a good additive.

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